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So today was kind of interesting. My mom and I went to Wal-Mart so she could get some pictures copied. She had put the original picture down to look at something, then forgot to pick it back up. She thought she'd lost the picture, so we were all around the store trying to look for the picture. We did find it eventually, so that was good. It was good that our Wal-Mart is a smaller one haha.
I crocheted a hat today. Maybe if it's cool enough tomorrow, I will wear it when I go out. I really need to do something with all the things I make. Maybe I should sell them. I wouldn't know how to go around that, though. I'm not good at those kind of things.

I finally got my background image to post. It's North Beach in Chesapeake Beach, MD. I miss that place. I hope I get to go again this summer.

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